4x4 Insurance

Whether you're using your four-wheel drive in town or country, chances are your running costs for the vehicle are higher than most standard cars, with higher road tax rates, a higher price to pay for a full tank of fuel, and increased costs for repairs. Thankfully, 4x4 insurance from Adrian Flux doesn't have to break the bank.

We offer high-quality, low-cost 4WD car insurance covering everything from ex-MOD Land Rovers to imported Pajeros, including pick-ups, modified vehicles, Q-plated cars, kit 4x4s, classic off-roaders, SUVs, and luxury models. Plus, green-laning and off-roading are included as standard on most policies.

As an insurance broker specialising in 4x4 car insurance, we love saving you money. Give us a call or fill in the callback form to find out more.

Cheaper insurance for your four-wheel drive

As a leading broker in the 4x4 market, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all four-wheel-drive policy. That's why all our policies are designed to suit each customer's individual needs.

We offer flexible and competitive quotes for most circumstances, sourcing the best available scheme from amongst the many offered by our panel of over 40 insurers.

Why waste your time ringing round dozens of companies when we can do it for you? And if you do ring around, come to us last. We do our very best to beat your cheapest quote!

Off-road policy options

  • Green-laning cover
  • Off-road cover
  • Protected NCB
  • Agreed value available for classics, modern and modified 4x4s
  • Cover available for:

Extra Discounts (depending on scheme) for:

  • Limited mileage
  • Owners club members
  • Security precautions
  • Older vehicles
  • Experience of driving a 4WD

Save money on 4x4 insurance

Our policies for most 4x4 drivers are already inexpensive, but you could save yourself even more money if you follow our simple tips.

  • Will you only drive a few thousand miles a year? Tell us, so we can get you onto a limited mileage policy.
  • Modified pickup or off-roader? Insurance for modified vehicles can be tricky to find, but we can help. Make sure you tell us about all modifications, even if they don't enhance performance. Some modifications might even reduce your premiums! So whether you've fitted a snorkel, winch and wider tyres, or opted for massive alloys and a plasma screen, you'll know your kit is insured.
  • Are you in an owners club or online forum? If not, consider joining one. There are several great clubs for all the main models, as well as more general off-roading sites, so you're sure to find one you like, whether you're into off-roading or not. You could get an extra discount of up to 15%.
  • Keep your car garaged if you can, and install the best alarm system you can afford. This will help prevent your vehicle from being stolen or vandalised.

This is not an online quotation system using computer rates. Our experienced sales staff are knowledgeable about 4x4 insurance and will work out a quote that is as unique as you. Along with our insurers' many tailor-made schemes, we believe we offer the best quotation service around.

Get quicker and cheaper 4WD insurance rates by phone 0800 141 2794 or complete the callback form during opening hours for an immediate, no-obligation 4x4 quote.


What's the difference between green laning and off-road cover?

Green lanes are similar to normal roads in all ways except they're unpaved. As a result, you need to have insurance to drive on green lanes. On the other hand, off-roading involves driving over rough terrain without any green lanes or roads.

Both activities carry their own risks, but for the most part, 4x4s are ideally suited to off-roading and can navigate rough terrain more easily.

Does having a 4x4 increase insurance?

Four-wheel drives tend to be in insurance groups on the higher end of the scale. This is because of their size and weight.

As a result, you will generally have to pay higher insurance premiums to account for this. However, following the above steps or opting for a 4x4 in a lower insurance group can help you save money.