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Insurance For Impounded Vans, Pickups and HGVs

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Van drivers rely on their vehicles for work, travel and leisure, and the van is an essential part of daily life for millions of us across the country. We understand that if anything should happen to your van, you want to get back on the road as soon as possible. If your van is impounded, no matter the reason.

Existing customers please call

The problem many van drivers face is that some insurers simply won’t cover you once your vehicle has been impounded, and those that do often impose extortionate premiums. Even if you can get impounded van insurance, you will need it to be as affordable as possible, as fines and fees from the police and impound can add up to a hefty bill. Not only that, but any conviction, pending or not, that you get as a result of the incident can push the price of insurance up even higher.

With so much to think about, and plenty of costs involved, you need to be sure that you are completely covered by a policy tailored to fit your budget, and one that will help you regardless of convictions or having your van impounded.

Here at Adrian Flux, we choose to do business a little differently to others. Far from excluding drivers with convictions, or those who have had their van impounded, we try to find you insurance that takes you and your actual circumstances into account. We won’t stereotype or generalise we use only relevant facts and details for our quotes, meaning you get reliable cover at an affordable price.

All our 50 years of insurance experience go into every policy we source, bringing you quotes from across our panel of insurers to help find the one that suits you. You won’t be able to get your van out of impound without insurance, but with Adrian Flux’s simple, quick and affordable quotes, you can waste no time getting covered and back on the road.

Specialist Impounded Van Insurance Features

From standard vans, impounded with no insurance, to heavily modified pickups parked incorrectly, from people with 30 years behind the wheel through to brand new drivers Adrian Flux will look for an ideal quote for you, whatever your situation.

Just some of the benefits of our impounded van insurance schemes include:

  • Insurance offered for van drivers with a range of motoring and non-motoring convictions, pending or not, and even those with nine points
  • Our quotes are simple and quick to get, cutting down the length of time that your van is impounded
  • Whatever sort of van you drive, we can find a quote to suit; from standards to pickups, refrigerated to hobbies
  • We can even find insurance for modified vans – giving like-for-like cover on mods, both aesthetic and for performance
  • A huge range of added extras and discounts are available on our impound insurance giving you extra protection whilst keeping premiums down

With impounded van insurance from Adrian Flux, you can be safe and secure in the knowledge that you are in the hands of insurance experts, with over 50 years experience. Plus, with our helpful UK-based team, you can call us and speak directly with a member of our team avoiding frustrating online forms and automated phone systems.

Our cheapest van insurance quotes are available on the phone, and our expert staff are ready and waiting to take your call. To get in touch now, call   or complete the callback form and we will phone you at a time you choose.

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